July 20, 2016

How Many Eggs in June?

The grand total of eggs collected from the Royal Hens of Poultry Palace in June was 78.

Egg collecting is a favorite pastime of the toddler set. Just ask Myles.

That's six less than in May and is to be expected during the hot summer months.

I'm not sure how, but not a single egg was broken in the process. 

Queenie gave us 24 eggs. Princess and Duchess are tied at 27 each.

The quicker we get there the more fun it will be. Rose was a joyful helper.

It all comes down to the largest egg laid to break the tie.

Queenie is out of the running, but for the record her largest egg in June weighed 1.73 ounces.
Princess Lay-a's largest egg was 1.80 ounces. And, Duchess beat them both with an egg weighing 1.94 ounces.

Congratulations, Duchess of Yolk, you win the Hen of the Month award for June! Extra mealworms coming your way.


  1. Way to go, Duchess!

    I can only imagine the anticipation Rose and Myles had every morning as they collected eggs. They must have been extremely gentle when handling the eggs.

  2. Extremely gentle? I think it was more like extremely lucky. ;)

  3. You must have happy, content and well-fed hens!!

  4. Hahahaha... love all the egg stats!
    There's just no end to the joys of keeping hens!


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