Our Three Hens

Our chicken keeping adventure began on January 1, 2016 when we brought home three young pullets purchased from Blue Star Ranch in Bellville, Texas, for $35 each. We were told they were three to four months old which means their hatch date was in September or October 2015.

The Royal Flock was formally introduced in this post. Below are photos from the first week they came to live at Poultry Palace.

Queen of Eggland (Queenie)—Golden Laced Wyandotte—1/3/16

Princess Lay-a (Princess)—Rhode Island Red—1/3/16

Duchess of Yolk (Duchess)—Barred Plymouth Rock—1/3/16

Until hens reach one year of age they are still referred to as pullets. In the photo below you can see how much they have changed in just a couple of months. All three are now laying eggs!

My How They've Grown—3/15/16