May 2, 2016

Egg Totals for April

We are loving the fresh eggs from our hens!

In April the Royal Flock of Poultry Palace gave us 86 eggs, which is seven dozen plus two. That's a perfect amount for the two of us—we aren't having to buy eggs at the store and we don't have a large excess in the fridge. We love to share eggs with our friends and family, so if the eggs start to accumulate, we give them away. We gave away one dozen last month.

We have gotten much better at recognizing which egg belongs to which chicken, so I'm confident in the individual totals for April.

Queen of Eggland—Golden Laced Wyandotte
Queenie laid 27 eggs in 30 days. Her largest egg weighed 1.73 ounces. Last week she skipped two days, which makes me wonder if the warmer temperatures are affecting her production. Even so, her lay rate is still very good.

Duchess of Yolk—Plymouth Barred Rock
Duchess laid 29 eggs in 30 days. Her largest egg weighed 1.94 ounces. We are predicting that she will be the first of our hens to lay a two ounce egg. She is an excellent layer.

Princess Lay-a—Rhode Island Red
Princess is Hen of Month for April, laying 30 eggs in 30 days. And what's even more remarkable is that she has laid an egg every day for the last 59 days! We thought her streak might be coming to end last week when for two days in a row, her eggs were not as dark as normal and had an unusual (for her) rough texture. She pulled out of it though and her eggs are back to normal. Her largest egg in April weighed 1.87 ounces. 

That brings the total number of eggs for the year to 166 (13.8 dozen). Getting fresh eggs from our own hens is a beautiful thing!


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