May 20, 2016

Birding Nature Center :: Other Things

The other things we saw on our nature hike at Matagorda County Birding Nature Center (MCBNC) included creatures both great...

An American Alligator slides stealthily into the water without making a sound.

and small...

An American Bullfrog sits on a log in a pond covered in duckweed.

And one creature with with long ears and a fluffy white tale that can swim if need be...

A Swamp Rabbit, one of the largest members of the cottontail family, crosses the trail.
I know, I was also surprised when I read that, too!

We also saw beautiful scenery, so diverse, you might not think that all of these photos were taken in the same park, but they were.

Swampy Wetlands

Colorado River View

Pretty Pond
And finally, I was delighted to see a few wildflowers hanging on.

Faded Texas Bluebonnets

Wild Daisies


I know you won't be surprised to learn that after our nature hike at MCBNC, we purchased a family membership pass. Who knows what kinds of things we'll see the next time we visit?


  1. What a wonderful outing but that Alligator may have ended my adventure.

    1. We were pretty far away from this gator--he was on the opposite bank from us, but I did carefully check nearby, just in case...

  2. You've discovered an amazing place to visit and wander. I'm amazed at the diversity.

    Swamp rabbit is a new animal to me - and it actually swims. . .

    1. Wouldn't it be weird, but fun to see a rabbit swimming?

  3. The pictures of the alligator and the bullfrog made my morning! So amazing!

    1. I'm fine with alligators as long as they are far, far away from me. We were on the opposite bank from this one, so I felt safe...until I realized there might be one on our side right next to us...there wasn't...whew! The bullfrog didn't frightened me one bit. :) Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!


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