February 19, 2016

Activity in the Garden

Our recent warm weather is stirring up all kinds of activity in Happy Camper Butterfly Garden, our little flower bed at our RV site in Matagorda. 

A faded and tattered monarch butterfly spent hours laying eggs on the milkweed the other day. I couldn't help but wonder if our garden might be the last one she visits in her life. I'll have to check for caterpillars on our next visit.

The bees were busy buzzing from flower to flower. Where is your hive, little bee? Is is a natural hive or one managed by a beekeeper? I wish I knew.

The milkweed is blooming and going to seed at the same time. Seeds on fuzzy parachutes will be carried by the wind near and far.

And very soon the yarrow will burst into bloom. I can already see the color peeking through. 

All this activity makes it seem that spring has arrived in February, but only time will tell if it's going to stick around.


  1. The chain of life continues, but it's sad to see the tattered wings on the Monarch.

    I hope your spring weather hangs around.

  2. Love the milkweed - beautiful shot!

  3. What beautiful photos. I agree with Nancy, it is sad to see the tattered wings on the Monarch.

  4. Such breathtaking photographs!
    I don't know whether you are on FB, but you should definitely be taking the 7 nature pictures in 7 days challenge-project. You have sweet skills.


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