February 15, 2016

Biggest and Best

This weekend the weather was just about as perfect as it's ever going to get. We took advantage of this blessing and spent all of Saturday outdoors in Matagorda. There was fishing, of course.

John caught the first fish of the day...and the biggest.

This monster is a 25 pound black drum, also known as a big ugly. I think you can see how it gets that name! Small black drum are tasty, but it's best to throw the big ones back, which we did.

We fished from the riverbank all morning and most of the afternoon, catching lots of little throwbacks with no real hope of catching a keeper, but we persisted just because the weather was so nice.

And eventually it happened. The best fish of the day (and the only keeper), ended up being the one I caught with John's rod while he was putting a new hook on mine.

So, perhaps this nice flounder should have been John's to catch. You can tell I'm feeling bad about it in the picture, right? You can't??? Well, let's just call this one a team effort.

Flounder for supper tonight!


  1. I learn something with every fish you catch - never heard of Drum fish before. Nice catches for both you and John, definitely a team effort.


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