February 8, 2016

The February Garden

I should be doing laundry...or cleaning house...or planning meals...or any number of inside chores, but the sunshine is calling me outdoors. I think I'd rather be in the garden today.

The Wendy's Wish salvia is blooming and looking rather good. I think I might be able to clean the weeds out this bed today.

The latest flush of rose blossoms have faded. All that's left are a few hips. I think it's a good time for a little pruning.

Most of the seed pods on the Esperanza have split open. Maybe I should collect the unopened ones. I've never grown Esperanza from seed. Have you?

Another salvia, Mystic Spires Blue, is also blooming. Blue is my favorite color. It makes me happy to see this one doing well.

Fireworks gomphrena has been hanging on all winter. I'm expecting lots of volunteers from this plant when the weather warms up.

And that brings me to the Turk's Cap. It never looks good through the winter, but I don't mind. The fruit the it produces is loved by the birds, as evidenced by the pecked holes on this piece. It's time to whack back the "sticks" and let the new growth at the base shine.

If you need me today, I'll be in the garden.


  1. Good choice. Garden visits are best left at the top of any list!

  2. These are just beautiful macro shots, Tracy!

  3. Lots of lovely plants and blooms in your garden.


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