February 17, 2016

The Royal Treatment

I do believe our hens are enjoying their life at Poultry Palace. What's not to like?

Each day there is a fresh supply of food and water in addition to time outside the coop for picking weeds and bugs in the garden. And let's not forget the little treats like dried mealworms and fresh earthworms.

Security at the coop has been increased with the addition of wire attached to the perimeter and buried underground. This should deter predators from digging their way in. We want our girls to be safe.

Now there's bathing inside the coop as well as out in the garden. You know, it's the little luxuries like a bowl of dirt that make a chicken happy.

And when the hot summer weather hits we're prepared with an insulated cooler that we'll keep filled with ice water to keep our hens cool and comfortable.

One day Queenie, Princess, and Duchess will show their appreciation for this royal treatment with a gift of fresh eggs. One day.


  1. Yes indeed those chickens are at a poultry palace:)

  2. Gathering the first egg(s) will be exciting.

  3. Ahh...such as the life of a chicken! :)


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