March 30, 2016

Myles and the Garden Boxes

This weekend we built garden boxes...and memories...with Matt, Carly, and Myles at their home in Oklahoma.

Myles was eager to help, but the shovel proved to be too cumbersome for him, so he took on the role of supervisor.

"See this bubble, Mama? When it's in the middle, then it's level."

"Not bad, Geep, but if you turn your hand this way it will be easier to mix the compost into the soil."

"Hmm, I hope Birdie is getting all this on her camera."

"We need more in here, Mama."

"Make sure you break up that big clod, Dada."

"Well done, everyone. We make a great team, don't you think?"


  1. Fun photos of your little supervisor. The captions are perfect.

  2. Replies
    1. We made some good memories, for sure. Can't wait to see those boxes filled with veggies and one slightly "pruned" dill plant.

  3. The grandson looks likel his grandpa and the grandaughter looks like her grandma:) What a great project to share togehter.

    1. It was fun. I enjoyed watching the project come together through the camera lens.

  4. Now that is one darling little helper :)


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