March 16, 2016

Record Keeping and Storage

Keeping a record of egg production in our small flock has added to the fun of keeping chickens. 

We are trying to track each chicken's egg production separately, which is why we had hoped each chicken would lay a distinctive egg. It's become a little tricky now that Duchess is laying and her eggs look so much like Queenies'.

I record the date and weight of each egg for each chicken in a small weekly/monthly planner that I personalized with one of my own photos.

John is using an app called Egg Tracker, which he likes. The main drawback of the app for me is that the weight can only be recorded in grams and I prefer ounces.

I also like seeing all the information in calendar form, so I can easily know the day of the week as well as the date. 

An advantage to the app is that it keeps a running total for each chicken automatically. Obviously I will have to calculate the totals on my own.

After the eggs are gathered and the information is recorded, it's time to store the eggs. Many people with their own flock of chickens keep their eggs at room temperature on the counter, but I've opted to keep ours in the refrigerator. 

I picked up two OGGI refrigerator egg trays at Home Goods for this purpose. They are clear, which I like, and have lids. Each tray has 14 egg compartments, but in a pinch you could fit a few more in if you lay them on their side.

We've filled up one tray and are working on filling the other. Looks like it's time to make an omelette.


  1. Your "girls" are producing well. I like the egg containers.

    1. Yes, they're getting the hang of it now. The clear container makes easy to admire their handiwork.

  2. Replies
    1. Never a dull moment with chickens in the backyard!


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