March 23, 2016

Texas Bluebonnets

It's bluebonnet season in Texas.

A Texas bluebonnet in our garden just starting to bloom.
On our drive to Fort Worth last week to visit our children and grandchildren, we enjoyed the wildflower vignettes along the roadsides. 

Sometimes a large standalone patch of bluebonnets, deep blue in color, would make me think we should stop and take a picture. 

A photo of Texas bluebonnets I took in April 2013, Gay Hill, Texas.
At other times a mix of bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, and yellow wildflowers called to me, but I didn't listen.

We kept driving on in anticipation of holding our grandchildren in our arms, enjoying the scenery along the way, but never stopping for photos.

Another of our garden bluebonnets, more fully open.
I don't regret our decision in the least...

An armful of love!
because hugs from grandchildren are far better than flower pictures any day.


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