January 13, 2016

Duchess | The Curious One

Duchess of Yolk is curious about everything. She came right up to me the other day when I was taking her picture. She wanted a treat, but I didn't have one. I picked a nearby weed and she happily ate it from my hand.

The herb bed looked interesting to her. She tasted the oregano and nipped at the rosemary.

I thought I might have to shoo her away to save the herbs, but it was the weeds she liked best.

She called Queenie over with a cluck-cluck, "Come on up. This is where they keep the good stuff."

A weed-eating chicken is a gardener's best friend. Eat up girls, eat up!


  1. Your royal family look darling, and I love those names!
    Welcome to chicken-blogging!


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