January 22, 2016

It's a Hen's Life

Three weeks into chicken keeping and all is well.

Poultry Palace Coop

We let the girls out of the palace on a regular basis. 

Our Three Hens: Duchess, Princess, Queenie

For now we supervise their outings. This might not protect them 100% from predators, but it makes us feel better.

The Royal Flock in the Herb Garden

Scratching and pecking goes on for a half hour or so, and then with no prodding from me...

Back to the Coop

the girls return to their living quarters, bellies full of weeds and bugs.

Taking it Easy at Poultry Palace

All that's left to do is preen and rest. Such is a hen's life at Poultry Palace and Gardens.


  1. Your girls are looking good, Tracy! :)

  2. I misplaced the link you first shared and often wondered about the girls. Thanks for leading back to Poultry Palace.


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