January 5, 2016

First You Need A Coop

By the time John proposed the idea of keeping chickens, he already had a coop kit picked out. We ordered the Round-Top Starter Chicken Coop, with all the options, from Urban Coop Company.

Our order was shipped in two large boxes. One was so heavy it was impossible to lift. I don't know how the FedEx guy did it, with a dolly, I guess.

Since we were out of town when the boxes arrived, our wonderful neighbors somehow wrangled the boxes into the house for us (without the benefit of a dolly). They certainly deserve some of our first fresh eggs!

Okay, let's see what's in the box. This was our Christmas present to each other. I let John do the unwrapping.

All the pieces for the coop and main run were in the heavy box. The second box contained the optional run extension pieces.

"Thanks, it's just what I wanted!"

It was a cold and wet day, but the sun came out briefly just as John began assembling the first pieces. It was symbolic of the happiness I could tell he was feeling about this project.

My job was to read the instructions, locate the right pieces, and take occasional progress pictures. The instructions were well written, but the part numbers and letters weren't stamped on the pieces, which meant I had to keep referring back to the parts photos. It got a little confusing at times.

"Read that part again. Are we doing this right???"

We did actually assemble the run extension incorrectly (our fault for not reading the instructions all the way through), and had to take those pieces apart and rebuild it. But, in the end it all came together nicely.

On the next day, which was New Year's, we picked up three pretty hens from Blue Star Ranch and got them settled into their new home. The hens deserve their own post, so I'll introduce you to them next time.

For a sneak peek, check out the sidebar.


  1. Oh I wish you much success with your chickens! I always wanted chickens, but had a German Shepherd that I was afraid would kill them. Now I have no excuse except that I don't want to trudge through two feet of snow to get to a coop. But it sounds like a lovely project. Let me know if the French toast is better because of the farm fresh eggs.

  2. Wonderful! I have been wanting chickens for a while myself! My son has some and I love the thought of having fresh eggs everyday...and I love hearing a rooster crow (which I'm sure would not please our neighbors). It will only be when and if we relocate to rural TN after we retire. That is a great looking coop too! Have fun and good luck!

  3. Oh...and your "girls" are beauties!

  4. We loved our chickens and their eggs were the best ever, but it was a big job during cold and snowy winters to keep them warm and fed. I'm going to enjoy watching your adventures!


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