January 15, 2016

The January Garden

Last year the garden was sadly neglected for the more pressing matters of life. It was rarely weeded, never mulched, not fertilized, and left to do its own thing, which as you can imagine resulted in an overgrown mess. We hope to put things back in order this year.

And yet, despite our neglect, flowers bloomed, hummingbirds congregated, and butterflies abounded. And even in winter there are blossoms to enjoy.

The flowers of the firecracker bush are vibrantly colorful.

The fragrant blue mist flower, is going to seed and putting on new blossoms at the same time.

The shrimp plant, though leggy from having to fight its way through the overgrowth, displays its flowers proudly, only slightly nipped from recent frosty mornings.

And, the roses are actually blooming better in the cooler temperatures than in the heat of the summer.

So grows our southern garden in January—until (or if) we get a freeze.

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