June 22, 2016

Celebrating Pollinators

Strike up the band.

Toss the confetti.

It's National Pollinator Week! 

Let's hear it for the beautiful butterflies!

Three cheers for the hardworking honeybees!

Hip, hip, hooray for bees of all kinds!

Let's sing the praises of the little hummingbirds!

And plant flowers for them all!

After all, we're the ones who reap the benefits of all they do.


Click here to read more about pollinators and National Pollinator Week.

Also, thanks to Tina at My Gardener Says... for her very informative post on Pollinator Week.


  1. Often overlooked and taken for granted but sooo important for our food supply (fruits and veggies), pollinators deserve a week of their own. Love the photos!

    1. Thanks, Nancy, and so true about pollinators being important to our food supply.

  2. Just. Wow. Your photos are gorgeous!! I either don't have the right camera or I'm not patient enough--or something.

    1. Thank you, Tina! I'm trying hard to get good shots, so your comment is a great encouragement to me.


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