June 13, 2016

They Are the Grandest

I wouldn't be doing my job as a grandmother if I didn't share a few photos of our visit with our grandchildren when we were together in Oklahoma on Memorial Day weekend.

We were there to celebrate Matt's 28th birthday. Time flies by, doesn't it? I remember well when he was just a little boy like Myles (20 months).

John and I were there a couple of days earlier than Robyn, James, and Rose. Matt and Carly had the good idea of taking us for a hike in a nature park. They know what we like!

Myles rode in the stroller most of the way, but got out to stretch his legs in a pretty spot along the trail.

In this photo, Geep (pronounced Jeep) is showing Myles something in the field, though I don't remember what it was. It was in this spot near the long grass where I think we must have encountered the ticks we found crawling on us later. Yikes!

The next day, Rose (9 months older than Myles) arrived (with her parents, of course) and our joy was doubled. As you can see, John is the happiest when he has his arms around both grandchildren at the same time.

He knows how to keep their attention. They would rather play with Geep than any toy you can think of.

On our last day I tried to capture a few good memories with the camera before we had to leave...

Rose loves dogs.

Myles is learning how to build things.

Listening to Aunt Carly sing a pretty song.

Watching a Cottontail rabbit out the window.

And then time was up. We needed to get on the road, but I still didn't have the picture I really wanted, so I gave John the camera...

Okay...now we can go.

Grandchildren are the grandest!


  1. Love, love, love these photos! They captured so delight, curiosity, and happiness - three important elements for precious memories.

    1. Thanks, Nancy. You said it well. These photos are memory keepers that bring me back to that moment whenever I look at them.

  2. Oh my what a treat that you shared these with us. The little ones have grown so much and my favorite picture is of the two of them looking out the window at the rabbit...so sweet.

    1. Oh yes, they have changed so much since our last visit! The window shot is one of my favorites, too.

  3. Tracy glad you had such a nice time with your family, grandchildren are the best, Frances

    1. You are so right, Frances. And it's such a joy to see our children doing such a great job as parents.


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