June 3, 2016

Egg Totals for May

We are proud to announce that the hens of Poultry Palace worked together in May to produce a total of 84 eggs!

That's just two less than April, which considering the stress of heat, humidity, and rain (oh, so much rain) is excellent.

Here's the breakdown:

Queenie—25 eggs
Doesn't she look proud! 

Princess—29 eggs
She is an amazing hen.
Her laying streak ended in May at 74 eggs laid without missing a day.
She then promptly laid a 1.9 ounce egg, the largest egg so far.

Duchess—30 eggs
She wins Hen of the Month for laying the most eggs.

Bowing to Overwhelming Applause
Way to go, ladies! You deserve a standing ovation for your performance.


  1. You've got a grand group of ladies! You must be baking up a storm and having eggs for every meal. (I would!)

    1. If we had one or two more hens, I probably would be. We're getting just the right amount for our normal egg usage, which means a couple of eggs a day for John, French toast for me on Sunday, and an occasional breakfast-for-supper night. They sure are delicious!

  2. It will be interesting to see how the heat of summer affects their production. I'm sure you have a plan to keep the ladies cool.

    The egg cups are darling!

    1. They've been handling the heat well so far. Their coop is located in a shady place and we will provide ice water and cool treats when it gets really hot.

      The eggs cups were a Home Goods find. They were too funny to pass up.

  3. Your ladies are just beautiful...and good job on the egg-laying, girls!

    1. They are keeping us well supplied with tasty eggs. Had a couple of eggs for breakfast this morning. Yum!


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