June 15, 2016

Garden Giant

There's a GIANT in our garden, y'all!

It's a GIANT sunflower, a Mammoth Russian to be exact. There are two, actually, but one never grew as tall and is already bent over from the weight of its seed head.

Here's the seed head of the droopy sunflower. You can almost tell how heavy it is just by looking.

But the GIANT... the GIANT is really tall...taller than the edge of the roof...higher than the mounted satellite dish. I estimate it to be 12 feet tall!

When we were in Oklahoma, a storm with very strong winds hit here. We expected to find our GIANT on the ground when we got home, but it held strong—it's sturdy trunk stalk must have saved it.

The flower is so high up, I had to use my biggest zoom lens to get a decent picture.

Its face is turned in a northeasterly direction toward the roof, which isn't ideal for our viewing pleasure. If we plant sunflowers next year, I think we should find a new location.

Our GIANT is a beauty.

From it's golden flame petals...

to its swirly green center...

it's a GIANT standout in our garden.


  1. That's indeed a GIANT. The seed head is going to provide some tasty snacks for someone.

    Do you think the shed is sheltering the plant and providing the heat it needs to thrive?

    1. I'm looking forward to the seeds, either for us or for the birds.

      With our Texas heat, I think we could grow a sunflower like this anywhere in our garden. I don't think the shed (or the house) is affecting this flower.

  2. Great shots--a huge thing!! Mine are also tall, but not ginormous like yours!

    1. We certainly had good luck with this one!

  3. Replies
    1. That's my reaction, too. We've never grown a sunflower like this before.

  4. Wow it's taller than some of my trees, Frances


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