April 8, 2016

Count on It

If you're going to let your chickens roam freely in the backyard then you should count on a few things.

You can count on your chickens wallowing out a hole somewhere for a dust bath.

You can count on that spot being right where you wish it wasn't.

You can count on your chickens getting in your vegetable garden and eating something you were hoping to harvest for yourself (so far it's only been the kale).

You can count on your chickens dropping off little...ahem...presents for you on the back porch that you won't be fond of opening (not pictured for obvious reasons).

You can count on having to rake up the mulch that the chickens scratch out of the flower beds.

You can count on your chickens coming right behind you and scratching out that mulch you just raked up.

Oh, yes you can!

And most importantly, you can count on your chickens giving you so much joy that you none of the above matters...not one little bit.


  1. Happy to see the chickens are giving you and John so much pleasure.

    1. Some might say we've achieved "crazy chicken people" status.


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