April 22, 2016

Lucky Ladybug

Ladybug on Cilantro Flowers
I didn't keep a close eye on the cilantro and it bolted. Its tiny white flowers are so pretty though, that I think I'll let it go to seed and maybe a new cilantro plant will sprout when this one is finished. The bees are loving the flowers and a ladybug dropped in for a visit, too.

According to folklore, seeing a ladybug that has less than seven spots means there will be a good harvest for the season, but seeing a ladybug with more than seven spots means famine.*

I'm glad this little ladybug is a lucky one.

*Source: Ladybug Facts and Legends


  1. I've never heard that lady bug folklore about the spots.

    Lovely photo.

    1. I've heard that ladybugs are lucky, but I didn't know about the spot thing either.


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