April 18, 2016

Fresh Veggies on the Way

It's amazing how much a vegetable garden can change in a couple of months.

This is how our garden looked on February 24.

And this is how it looked yesterday.

We've begun to harvest the first of the zucchini, picking it before it gets too big.

And it looks like a bumper crop of yellow squash is on the way.

John has put a PVC frame covered in bird netting around the tomato plants to protect them from the mockingbirds.

I most certainly do not want anything getting our tomatoes. Homegrown tomatoes are the main reason I wanted a vegetable garden in the first place.

We've harvested all of the romaine lettuce, the peppers are putting on fruit, the cucumber vines are blooming, and the herbs are strong and healthy.

Fresh veggies are on the way.


  1. I'm amazed how much the garden has grown. I love the smaller zucchini and always politely turn down the huge clubs that my neighbor always wants to share with me.

    Still much too cool here to put any plants in the ground - another three weeks or more before gardens are planted.

    1. I suppose in three weeks, we'll be at the peak of harvest. Such different climates!

  2. These garden beds are gorgeous! Magazine cover gorgeous.
    And... is anyone else suddenly very hungry??

    1. Thanks, Natalie. It's not a big garden, but it will produce plenty of veggies for the two of us. I think I'll cook up the zucchini tonight.


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