April 6, 2016

Texas Roadside Garden

Some of the best gardens, in my opinion, are the wild ones—the ones that grow along the Texas roadsides in the spring.

We drove down Old Gulf Road in Matagorda last Saturday to see what was blooming.

There were patches of yellow coreopsis

and stands of peachy-pink Indian paintbrush

— the typical color of Indian paintbrush in Matagorda—

and sweet blue flowers that I think are called blue-eyed grass.

The wildflowers flowed along the roadside like a little stream and I stopped many times to take pictures.

I found a lone yellow coneflower growing among a patch of pink evening primrose

and a pretty lantana that was nearly as tall as the fence post.

One of my favorites, thistle, was just starting to bloom.

There were other flowers too—like winecup, Indian blanket, spiderwort (blue flower above), and more—making it a good year for this Texas roadside garden.


  1. Beautiful blossoms - still too chilly here for anything to bloom, but maybe soon. . .

    1. Thanks. I'm happy to share a little of our spring with you.

  2. Really lovely photos, Tracy. Really love the long-shot ones, especially. Your id of the blue-eyed grass is on the mark. I had a little volunteer come up in my flagstone patio last spring--and another nearby this year. Such a sweet wildflower.

    1. Thanks, Tina. Getting a clear shot on a windy day was a challenge. You can tell that on the blue-eyed grass, but it's such a pretty little flower that I had to include it. I don't think I've ever seen it before.


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