April 27, 2016

Wild Berries

As we stood on the levee at the entrance of our RV park observing the flood waters, we noticed something we haven't seen in the seven years we've had our trailer here—

wild dewberries growing along the fence row. I'm sure the vines have been here all this time, we just never paid attention.

Some of the berries are ripe.

And the others will be ripe soon.

We picked a handful of dewberries and ate them on the spot. They were warm from the sun, juicy, tart, and delicious!

This brought back good memories of family berry picking adventures when I was a little girl. My parents always knew where to find an abundance of berries. With five of us picking we could quickly fill our plastic ice cream tubs with gallons of dewberries, which we always called blackberries. Mom would bake a cobbler right away for us to enjoy and freeze the rest. In November when my birthday rolled around, I often requested a blackberry cobbler for dessert. It's still one of my favorites.

When was the last time you ate a wild berry straight from the vine?


  1. It's been a long time since I've eaten wild berries. My mother and I would pick wild currants and make jelly - oh my, the red and black biting ants love the bushes, too, and they encourage us to pick quickly.

    The berries you found look delightful.

    1. Sounds like fun, except for the part about the ants. My mom sometimes made jelly from our berries, too.

  2. It was July 2014, in Oregon... the last time we picked wild berries. And who could forget? It's such a terrific experience to enjoy!

  3. Are these the same as blackberries? They are GORGEOUS! Are they sweet?

    1. Yes, they are like blackberries in appearance and taste, but the plants are slightly different.

      The difference between blackberries and dewberries:


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