April 13, 2016

Egg Totals for February and March

It's a well known fact that we spoil our chickens, but they are spoiling us, too...with eggs. They have become eggceptional layers. We're keeping records of egg production for the flock and for each hen individually. I plan to post the monthly totals here.

Queenie was the only hen to lay eggs in February. Her first egg came on February 26. She laid a total of three eggs that month.

Our Golden Laced Wyandotte, Queen of Eggland
For the month of March, which has 31 days, she laid 29 eggs.

Our Rhode Island Red, Princess Lay-a
Princess laid her first egg on March 1. She's been a champ from the start, laying 30 eggs in 31 days.

Our Barred Plymouth Rock, Duchess of Yolk
Duchess didn't lay her first egg until March 11. In the 21 days of March that she was producing eggs, she laid 18.

In summary...

February — 3 eggs
Queenie (3)

March — 77 eggs
Queenie (29), Princess (30), Duchess (18)

Year to Date (through March) — 80 eggs

See, I told you we're being spoiled!


  1. Congratulation to the feathered ladies! I think the kale diet has helped them. ;o)

    1. That could be it. ;) Duchess, the one that ate most of the kale, is in the lead for the largest egg laid.

  2. Good girls :) This post has made me really miss having hens, maybe when we don't travel so much we'll get them again.

    1. Chickens can tie you down. Luckily our next door neighbors don't mind taking care of ours when we are away.

  3. What will you do with all those eggs?

    1. We eat what we can and give away the rest. When we're out of town we let whoever is caring for our chickens keep the eggs. Of the 77 eggs collected in February and March, we gave away 43.


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